Easycare Terrace Board

  • Maintenance-free
  • Excellent durability
  • Innovative surface treatment
  • Good colour permanence
  • Long-lasting
  • Stable
  • Quick to assemble
  • Heat-treated Nordic wood
  • Stylish and natural appearance

Easycare is a very high quality terrace board. Its strengths are in its endurance and easy care. The Easycare terrace board has excellent decay resistance, dimensional stability and colour behaviour. The raw material used in Easycare is thermal-treated northern softwood. Thermal-treated wood has excellent resistance to decay and is also very stable, keeping its shape well.

Easycare terrace boards are surface-treated industrially. During the processing, softer wood material is removed from between the annuity rings and the hard annuity material remains on the surface of the board to which stress is applied. The more porous wood material remaining between the annularity rings is protected by rich pigmentation treatment. The advantages of the surface treatment have improved durability. Together, the hard coated surface and pigment treatment guarantee outstanding durability for Easycare terrace boards.

Thanks to the surface treatment, the Easycare terrace board is also very user-friendly and easy to care for. The terrace boards are ready to be installed and do not require surface treatment after installation. Thanks to the treatment, the maintenance interval for Easycare terrace boards is considerably longer than with normal terrace boards.

The Easycare terrace board offers its users the luxury and elegance of being able to spend time outdoors. With the wide board, it is possible to create spectacular terraces and by choosing hidden attachments for a terrace, an elegant and unobtrusive terrace can be achieved without visible screws. The installation of the wide boards is fast and branch knots bring a rustic appearance to the terrace.


Sizes (mm):



Length (m):

3,6 – 5,1


Wood type: Nordic softwood (pine and spruce)

Colours: Grey, black and thermowood brown

Profile: With or without side grooves. Side grooves allow concealed attachments. The products are made in Finland.