Exterior cladding and outdoor construction


Decay- and weather resistance are important characteristics for a cladding board. WarmClad is an excellent choice for exterior cladding. Its decay resistance class is I-II and its usable life is many times greater than that of untreated wood. WarmClad’s moisture content is half that of normal wood and surface splitting caused by UV-radiation will be less than with normal wood.


VivaxColor is a quality and easy-to-use choice for exterior cladding. It features all the good characteristics provided by thermal treatment: it has excellent characteristics for decay resistance, weather resistance and thermal insulation. For the user VivaxColor is an easy and worry-free product: it is ready for immediate installation. We trust in the fine characteristics the process provides in the wood and offer a 10 year guarantee for the paint surface.

Declaration of performance and CE-marking


Profile Dimensions Length (m) Name Fastening with clip Surface treatment Consumption (m/m2)
18×140 1.8 – 5.4 Channel-siding n/a 7.6
18×141 1.8 – 5.4 V-siding n/a 7.6
9/20×141 1.8 – 5.4 Bevel-siding n/a VivaxColor 7.6
18×141 1.8 – 5.4 Finno-siding n/a VivaxColor 7.6



Wood species: pine, spruce

Surface can be smooth or roughened/fine-sawn.

Bevel-siding smooth surface                                    Channel-siding smooth surface                              V-siding smooth surface


IMG_2372 small        IMG_2367 small

Bevel-siding                        Finno-siding
roughened surface            roughened surface



Basic colour selection: Black (RAL9005), White (RAL9001), Red (RAL3009), Grey (RAL7016). Other colours by order.

Finno-siding black                                                   Bevel-siding black

Finno-siding white                                                   Bevel-siding white

Finno-siding grey                                                      Bevel-siding grey


IMG_2373_small        IMG_2368_small       IMG_2370 small        IMG_2299 small

Finno-siding black             Finno-siding grey             Bevel-siding red                  Finno-siding black



For outdoor construction we offer also battens, parallelograms, and trapeziums.

Batten 42×42                                                       Batten 42×68

Parallelogram 20×65-26×68                               Trapezium-42×42

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