An age-old invention

The roots of thermal wood use are deep in the north and in areas having varying weather conditions. The wandering nomads did not generally construct wooden buildings, tending instead to pitch their tents wherever they happened to settle. The challenge in firmly attaching a tent was rotting of the wooden supports. Through experience the nomads learned that fire changes the structure of wood, and thus they began to treat the wood supports of their tents in the flames of the campfires in order to make them more durable. In this primitive innovation was the seed of a truth, from which has developed the exacting and technical process of modern thermal treatment of wood.

Suomen Lämpöpuu Oy (SLP) produces thermo-treated wood for a diversity of building solutions. SLP was founded in 1999. SLP was involved in the development of the thermal treatment process for wood and was one of the first companies to begin thermal treatment of wood on an industrial scale. Currently, our main product groups are outdoor and terrace construction as well as indoor construction products. More than 90 % of our production is exported to markets all around the world.

Our values place a great deal of importance on the fact that our products are environmentally friendly and natural. Thermo-treated wood is an exceptionally natural product, because the production process uses no chemicals, only water steam and a high temperature.

We want to offer our customers quality and luxury. Our goal is provide for the desires and needs of the customer while also remaining true to our values.