We believe in the excellent features of thermo-treated SLP products and we want to offer our customers quality products, in which are combined good durability and ecology. We have developed the thermal treatment process by combining technology and our own know-how which is based on knowledge and experience.

Among the finest features of thermo-treated wood are excellent decay resistance and durability as well as that it is natural and environmentally friendly. In comparison to ordinary wood, ThermoWood is also a highly stable material which makes working with it easier. The thermal conductivity of ThermoWood is reduced, due to which it feels pleasant in both cold and warm conditions. Due to treatment, the wood is without resin and hygienic which further enhances comfort. The products are also very natural and non-poisonous, as no chemicals are used in the treatment process. ThermoWood is an excellent interior decoration element. Its naturally beautiful brown colour permeates throughout the wood and the grain of the wood is brought out beautifully.


Durability is one of the product’s most important features. Thermal treatment improves the weather and decay resistance features of the wood. Thermo-treated wood is suitable for use under varying climates and conditions. The biological durability of the product is excellent, its decay resistance class is I-II and its useful life is many times greater in comparison to untreated wood.


Wood’s features as a living, natural product sometimes create problems for handling it. Thermal treatment reduces the equilibrium moisture content of wood which significantly improves its dimensional stability. Treatment is facilitated by the fact that the wood will no longer deform. A ThermoWood with painted surface will also last longer because of the reduced reactivity to moisture.


Consumers are even more knowledgeable regarding the environmental impacts of the products they use. We use no chemicals in our treatment, only a high temperature and water steam. We do not use tropical species of wood in our products, instead we favour quality northern wood and we seek for long-term cooperation with local sawmills.

Pleasant feel

The feel of the surface of a wood product is important. Thermal treatment decreases the thermal conductivity of wood and, due to this, the wood feels pleasant even under very hot conditions. Because there are no chemicals used in the production process, our product is also entirely non-poisonous. The process also causes the wood to be entirely free of resin which makes it easier to use.

Stylish and natural appearance

SLP wants to offer in its products quality and luxury. The pleasant and warm feel of ThermoWood provides the opportunity to enjoy the best features of wood. Our products are exceptionally natural; the production process uses no chemicals. We recommend appropriate surface treatment for our products. Without treatment, the surface of the product will grey beautifully due to the effects of UV-radiation. Thermo-treated wood creates an atmosphere of refinement and quality.