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Suomen Lämpöpuu – SLP Oy is one the pioneers in the world for producing thermo-treated wood products. SLP was founded by a group of local entrepreneurs in 1999. SLP is one of the founding members of the International ThermoWood Association. Nowadays SLP is daughter company of Thermory AS. Experience has refined our skills and know-how for producing high-quality ThermoWood.

Our main product groups are for exterior cladding and terrace construction. Our yearly thermal treatment capacity is 20 000 m3 and our planing capacity is 50 000 m3. Over 90 % of our production goes to export. We ship ThermoWood® products throughout Europe as well as to other continents.

SLP’s values:

  • the customer is our priority
  • reliability
  • continuous development
  • recognition of success
  • flexibility and a lack of prejudice
  • Southern Ostrobothnian and international
  • natural and environmentally friendly

Exceptionally important SLP values are listening carefully to the opinions, wishes and thoughts of the customer. We want to react to the customer’s wishes as quickly as possible, and our goal is to maintain a close relationship with the customer. Customers, interest groups and the surrounding society must all be able to trust in the responsibility of our actions. We want to be flexible and work in cooperation with the customer to fulfil his needs without forgetting our own goals. Our goal, in particular, is for constant improvement. Our activities are guided by a desire to renew and develop.

Strategy and roots

SLP’s activities are based on the company’s strategy and values. In our values, we have defined those matters that we consider important for guiding our activities and on which we want our activities to be based. Using our strategy, we work towards achieving our goals. Our values are based on the company’s Southern Ostrobothnian roots and the international environment of our activities. The customer and his needs have a key role in our values. It is important to us that we act flexibly and without prejudice while listening to the wishes of the customer. We want to be a reliable partner in the eyes of both the customers and interest groups.

Constant improvement

In our internal activities, we seek for constant improvement and recognition of success. We believe in a cycle of being positive and we want to take pleasure from successful work and satisfied customers. We want to keep interactions open both internally and externally. It is our goal to strive for constant improvement in regard to customer satisfaction, quality, efficiency, production processes, new solutions, personal skills and also financial results. We have not only the readiness, but also the desire to develop and renew. We want to be at the top in ThermoWood production in the future as well.


According to our strategy, we want to focus in our selection of products on a few products which we can make exceptionally well. We believe these products are also useful to our customers. We want to focus our know-how on good products. It is according to this strategy that we try to stand out from the competition: we offer a limited, but higher-quality selection of products. Being a small business, we can also serve customers flexibly and with speed. Our goal is for mutual trust and a good, interactive relationship. We want to efficiently serve to our customers.

We also want to specialize and improve our know-how on a few key products. We want to focus on a few good products and to make them as well as possible. Our goal is continuous improvement and optimization of the production process.


Certificates of our production.


SLP is daughter company of Thermory AS

Nowadays Suomen Lämpöpuu – SLP Oy is daughter company of Thermory AS. Thermory AS has two production units located in Estonia and one located in Finland. The company also has sawmills in Estonia and Belarus and a subsidiary in the United States. Thermory employs more than 500 people.

Press release – Thermory merger


EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

We at SLP value the privacy of our customers and partners and ensure that our data processing is in compliance with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. We record in our Customer and supplier registry as well as Marketing registry only the data necessary for taking care of our contractual obligations, partnerships and communication. For more infomation, kindly see the privacy notices. Upon any changes in your contact information, kindly let your contact person at SLP know about it without delay. If you should have questions on data protection at SLP, please contact Development Manager Milka Pääkkönen, milka.paakkonen(a) .

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