Datos de contacto

SLP is the daughter company of Thermory AS.

Please contact the responsible Sales Manager by the area of interest.

Katrin Reinaste-Parve / Sales Director

Tel +372 50 41 408, Katrin.Reinaste-Parve@thermory.com

Ulli Karu / Sales Manager (SE, NO, DK, IS, EE, LT, LV, PL, SK, CZ, HU)

Tel: +372 516 0592, Ulli.Karu@thermory.com

Hendrik Moora / Sales Manger (DE, AT, CH, LX, IT, FR, NL, BE, UK, IRL)

Tel: +372 524 8823, Hendrik.Moora@thermory.com

Maria Pirogova / Sales Manager (CIS, RU, ZA, ES, PT, IN, MU, CN, KR, AU, NZ, UAE, IL, CY, GR, SG)

Tel: +7 921 740 7395, Maria.Pirogova@thermory.com Русский, English


Our office and factory in Teuva:

  • dirección: Horontie 166, 64700 Teuva, Finland
  • teléfono: +358 6 267 2541
  • correo electrónico: sales@suomenlampopuu.com
  • VAT code: FI15503946

Managing Director
Juha Sojakka

Sales Director
Katrin Reinaste-Parve

Administrative Coordinator
Head of Production and Maintenance
Tommi Valkama

Production Planner
Jan Hellback