Datos de contacto

SLP is the daughter company of Thermory AS.

Please contact the responsible Sales Manager by the area of interest.

Katrin Reinaste-Parve / Sales Director

Tel +372 50 41 408, Katrin.Reinaste-Parve@thermory.com

Ulli Karu / Sales Manager (SE, NO, DK, IS, EE, LT, LV, PL, SK, CZ, HU)

Tel: +372 516 0592, Ulli.Karu@thermory.com

Hendrik Moora / Sales Manger (DE, AT, CH, LX, IT, FR)

Tel: +372 524 8823, Hendrik.Moora@thermory.com

Maria Pirogova / Sales Manager (CIS, RU, ZA, ES, PT, IN, MU, CN, KR, AU, NZ, UAE, IL, CY, GR)

Tel: +7 921 740 7395, Maria.Pirogova@thermory.com

Juha Palonen / Sales Manager (BE, NL, UK, IRL, IR, JP, SG, FI)

Tel: +358 40 517 1945, Juha.Palonen@thermory.com


Our office and factory in Teuva:

  • dirección: Horontie 166, 64700 Teuva, Finland
  • teléfono: +358 6 267 2541
  • correo electrónico: info@suomenlampopuu.com
  • VAT code: FI15503946



Managing Director
Juha Palonen
Sales assistant
Stina Tallberg

Marketing Coordinator
Mari Virkkula


Administrative Coordinator
Ilpo Hyytiäinen
Head of production and maintenance
Tommi Valkama

Production planner
Jan Hellback
United Kingdom
Peter Meadows